Bali living is about loving


As a traveller or as a person who is interested to learn about other cultures, religions and countries you might have come across a few Bali blogs or posts already. Same did I and I was fascinated about the great variety such a small Island has to offer.

Everything I knew about Bali was that a lot of yogis and gurus are located there and try to gain the absolute insight into their true nature. My main reason to discover Bali was meditating and spending time on my own. But I didn’t know what’s ahead of me and I’m glad I was able to make my own experience which created a bigger sensitivity to my fellow human beings and  awareness for my own character. One thing that I figured out was that often we let someone else’s perception become to our reality.


I have realized as soon as we start withdrawing into ourselves, reality becomes a fiction of our thoughts and we get afraid and nervous about being in situations which are in need of  social interaction.

We grew up surrounded by people suffering from burnout syndrome, suicide thoughts and much more mental illnesses but  still they told us to do it the same way, stay anonymous and to keep our secrets from the outside. Back at home I thought I’d be an exception, a crazy mind willing to give everything up just to make the last breath of my life to the best one. In Bali I learned I am not and you are not the only one either.

Especially my generation (born 1994) is growing into a society full of dreamers and doers and more and more we are willing to do anything it needs to satisfy our minds full of ideas in a world filled with prejudices, anxiety and inflation.









At the end we are all a big community sharing the dream of self-fulfillment and from time to time we rely on each other. Just keep in mind, that stranger at the sandwich shop, sharing the story of his life with you might help you to get out of a difficult situation one day. For me it was hard to open myself to others, but the more I met on my way the easier it got.The first step is probably the hardest but do not hold onto past rejections, as soon as you start to get in touch with people around you without any expectations from them you will recognize a change in reaction from like minded humans.

Starting to live my life with open arms for others made me love myself and all future- past- and present friends even more and talking about my deepest thoughts with others cured a lot of old wounds too. Though I wasn’t meditating as much as I expected this trip broadened my horizon in several ways and I’ll show you where and with whom it all took place.



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