Isn’t it what we all want? Being in the middle of life without dwelling in the past nor dreaming of the future.

Wouldn’t it be boring to always be happy but painful to constantly worry and be sad?

After all. In The Middle sounds truly good.

My name is Alissa.

I am twenty-three, the solid middle of three sisters, open-minded, unable to shut up, always honest, sometimes selfish.

I am creating my middle while travelling, sharing stories, adoring art and exchanging with people from different cultures and countries. A wanderer who isn’t lost, but knows that every destination has its‘ own magic. So I am looking for homes away from home in order to soak in the culture, benefit from a locals‘ perspective and discuss the critical points of a certain place. My family keeps growing, cause love is a decision by heart and an open mind won’t let you forget the greatest personalities on planet earth.

I have tattoos, as sometimes I have the desire to immortalize memories on my skin. Counting 11, all of them have a story. Almost each one of a different artist from all over the world. I work out to stay healthy, to be strong, to enable myself to get out of my comfort zone. I write, to remind myself that things improve and change through progress. I take photos, to  show my prespective of life. I think, to feel alive and I share my experience with you and hope that you will benefit from it tomorrow or the day after.