The First Tattoo

My first tattoo

Yes, it was hard to decide for my first tattoo. So I know how you feel at the moment.

Will I like my first tattoo my whole life? 

How will it look like when I am 60?

Will it fit my personality?

What about my job, will I get a job with it?


These questions and even more are running through all of our heads, especially when it comes to the first one. When I got my first tattoo (counting eleven at the moment) I hesitated a few months until I made my final decision, but as soon as it was done, I realised that these questions probably are justified but not necessary.


Things I didn't know before getting my first tattoo

Here and now matters, now you have the idea of your perfect motive or you found an artist’s drawing and knew that’s what you’ve been looking for the whole time. There is a reason for you to think that.

If its your own story behind, a memory or something you may identify with. That’s what counts and it will still identify you in a few years. As this moment, here and now, is a part of your life as much as another one ten, thirty or sixty years later.


Sometimes I see tattoos and I can’t believe how anyone would get such a motive. The next moment I remind myself that it’s not always about the tattoo itself but about the story behind (and of course a question of taste). Anyone would understand why I got an elephant tattoo on my right arm but I will never forget the night I lost my friend on a pub crawl in Koh Tao (Thailand), it poured rain, I was drunk as hell and all on my own. The only covered terrace was part of a tattoo studio. I felt bad just sitting there so I offered the artist to get a friendship tattoo with him .. ELEPHANT happened next 😛

A guide for my first tattoo


Two popular questions:

1. what part of the body and 2. what size to choose

For the first tattoo I would  always recommend to go for a part of your body you may cover up with clothes. Just in case you rather want to be the person with one tattoo than the personality with tattoos, afterall there is a huge difference between these two.

Considering these three facts I have never regret any of my eleven tattoos.

my first tattoo


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