November arrived and so has chapter 11 of 12


Another year, another home, right? After one and a half years in my tiny paradise Zermatt, I moved, once again, to Vienna. I am still very excited what the upcoming months (or years, because you never know) will bring along.

Two years have passed since I left my hometown which has been the last city I lived in since then.

Now, I am back.

Traded mountains, the golden hour and that very cozy atmosphere in the mountain areas for city lights, late night talks at a lively bar, more opportunities and bigger chances to meet new people. With all the changes happening at the moment I am also trying to figure out what 2018 holds for me. Especially In The Middle  is of great significance and value for me and I truly hope for the ability to create further & more valued content.

As exciting it might sound, October and September have been two months full of ups and downs, reunions, goodbyes and I literally lived out of my suitcase.




Anyway, I kind of realized that sooner or later I also have to settle down as I am not willing to push myself into such stressful and homeless situations many more times again. It will probably still take a few months or years before I will definitely stay in a place for more than 1, 2 or 3 years but after that I could really imagine to decide for a final destination.

Until then I will keep searching for homes away from home and take you with me on my road to this final stop. At the moment I am reading a few books and I also started to write in my mother language german again. All of this as I wish to apply at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. To be honest, I am quite uninterested in getting an academic degree just because of the bright future prospects in regard of money and job opportunities all I ever wanted is knowledge thats what drives me in every prospect and every action, it is my purpose.


So here we are November, the end is not here yet, but a new beginning on its way.


X Alissa



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