A homage to Vagabond Shoemakers

Vagabond Chelsea Boots Kenova


It all started with my move to Bad Gastein which is a mountain area located in Salzburg and well known for its freeride paradise, healing caves and nights out no one remembers.

Desperately in search of shoes for braving this winter slush and still matching with my outfits, which fortunately are all black everyday, I came over Vagabond chelsea boots.

As a person who wears the same pair of shoes, jackets, bags and dresses as many times as possible until they are worn out I decided for a simple black pair of Vagabond chelsea boots, which were not as inexpensive as I hoped (sorry I don’t remember which model it was) but they fitted well and looked minimalistic and smart.

This was day one of a great and everlasting love for Vagabond chelsea boots.




Right after the purchase of my first pair of Vagabond chelsea boots I spent a few days in London, Paris and Munich. Whenever I met a person wearing Vagabond chelsea boots (well I never asked if they did but once you go for Vagabond, you will just recognize the tiny but existing difference to other boots) I kind of knew these are people I would like to hang out with. I know, I know, how stupid to imply that shoes mean friends haha

Well, Vagabond themselves say „.. our belief in fashion being a way of individual self-expression, of manifesting tolerance and of creating global micro communities through style“ so I wasn’t the only one thinking this way.

I took my Vagabond chelsea boots on every vacation with me. Why? I could wear them in the city with jeans and crop top but also combine them with with a cute dress. Also they were perfect for nights out or for winter walks in the deep snow.



In Zermatt I bought two pairs and I had to buy another one this year; model KENOVA


Vagabond Chelsea Boots Kenova


Personally I can say


Once Vagabond,

forever Vagabond.




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